Yo redonda
I was born in Naples, Italy.
Since 1999 I live in Madrid, where I work as journalist and photographer.
I published photo reportages in different newspapers and magazines in Spain, Italy, Colombia and Russia.
I also worked as reporter in different TV programs in Spain.
I speak fluently several languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Russian and German).
In 2011 I traveled 5,000 km through Russia to realize my first photographic project about the 20th anniversary of the end of the USSR, a country where I studied during university.
The result is ‘Priroda, Operetta russa in tre atti’, my first dummy book.
– Priroda, grant in Albarracin Photo Festival (Spain, 2012)
– Priroda, prize to the best photo book of the year at the Strasbourg Festival of Photography (France, 2013)
– Priroda, exposition of the dummy book at SCAN Tarragona Festival (Spain, 2012)
– Priroda, photographic exposition at PA-TA-TA, the Emergent Photography Festival of Granada (Spain, 2013)

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